First, it is important to understand exactly how a “tort” is legally defined. A tort is considered to be a civil wrong. It may also be referred to as a breach of duty. Therefore, a Maryland motor tort is a civil wrong that occurs when an individual negligently operates a motor vehicle and then causes a traffic accident.

In terms of civil misconduct, a motor tort is the most common, often involving bodily injury and/or property damage. When a traffic accident has occurred due to negligence, the law makes a determination as to who the negligent parties may be.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver, you need to obtain legal representation who can work to obtain financial compensation for both your injuries and property damage. Contact our law offices today by calling (410) 484-0400 and scheduling an appointment to speak to one of our personal injury attorneys who can review your case. A member of our legal team will be happy to advise you of your rights and legal options related to your case.

How is Legal Responsibility Determined in Motor Tort Cases in Maryland? 

In Maryland, the negligent party in a motor tort case is decided by the law. It may be very easy to determine who is the at-fault driver when the accident only involves two vehicles. However, it may become more complicated if multiple vehicles are involved.

Multiple-vehicle accident cases pose a significant problem, as it is difficult to know who to blame and what damages and expenses they may be held liable for. In situations such as these, a skilled attorney can assess the case and help determine who has the legal responsibility for your injuries and/or damages.

How are Motor Tort Cases Resolved After Legal Responsibility Has Been Established in Maryland? 

Generally, once legal responsibility, also known as liability, has been established, most motor tort cases are resolved through a settlement process with insurance companies. Typically, the factors that are considered when arriving at a payment amount for a settlement include the following:

  • Past and future medical costs that relate to the accident
  • Lost wages and loss of potential future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation and/or long-term care costs
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of companionship or loss of parental guidance (if applicable to your particular case)

If for some reason, a settlement cannot be reached between the accident victim and the insurance company, then the case may go to court. An attorney can present your case to the jury and ask that you be awarded fair and just compensation for your injuries.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney to Help me With a Maryland Motor Tort Case? 

In cases where negligence has to be decided, the process can become very convoluted and difficult to manage on your own. You need the assistance of a skilled and experienced lawyer who can examine all the aspects of your case and help to determine who is legally responsible for the accident, along with negotiating a settlement or going to court as your legal representative.

Our attorneys will fight aggressively in order to help you win your case and potentially recover financial compensation for your damages and other losses related to the accident. Call our law firm today at (410) 484-0400 and schedule an appointment to meet with a member of our legal team who can explain what happens next and answer any questions that you may have.