In Maryland, the law states that a “dangerous dog” is one that, without any type of outside provocation, has either killed or inflicted a severe injury on an individual. A “severe injury” consists of broken bones or lacerations that are disfiguring in nature and require multiple sutures and/or cosmetic surgery.

This law also refers to a dog that, when off of its owner’s property, has killed or severely injured a domestic animal such as another dog, cat, or pet.

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What is the Owner’s Responsibility with Regard to a Dangerous Dog in Maryland?

Maryland law is very specific regarding the dog owner and their legal responsibilities. The dog owner is exclusively liable for any harm that may be caused by a dog’s actions. This is upheld even if the dog never previously exhibited a violent nature or showed any hint that it could potentially attack another individual. Regardless, Maryland law expects the owner of the dog to exercise reasonable care in order to prevent their animal from causing injuries to another person.

Therefore, it is illegal for the owner of a dangerous dog to leave the dog unattended on their property unless the dog is confined indoors or in a securely locked pen or other structure to restrict the dog.

Can I Sue the Owner of a Dangerous Dog That Has Injured Me?

Under Maryland law, there is now what is termed a rebuttable presumption. This means that if a dog has been known to injure or even kill another individual in the past, the owner of the dog “knew or should have known” that the animal was dangerous.

As a consequence, the courts of Maryland would hold the owner of the dog legally responsible for the severe injuries that another person sustains unless they can present evidence to the contrary.

Should I Hire an Attorney if I Have Been Severely Injured by a Dangerous Dog?

If you have been severely injured by a dangerous dog, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the dog owner. Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their animals from harming other people.

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