In Maryland, the laws surrounding driver’s licenses can be complicated and oftentimes very confusing. Often, individuals get the two terms suspension and revocation confused with one another.

There are very important differences between the two legal terms that relate to a driver’s license. The lawyers at our law firm can answer your questions and work with you to help you understand all of your legal options. Contact us by calling (410) 484-0400 and scheduling an appointment to speak to a member of our legal team.

What is a Suspended License in Maryland?

Having your license suspended in Maryland means that you are temporarily banned from driving for a certain amount of time due to an issue that needs to be addressed. Some of the issues that can cause you to have a suspended license include failure to pay tickets, accumulating too many points in a two-year period of time, or even a DUI charge.

Normally, after the predetermined time of the suspension has ended and you pay any fines and reinstatement fees, your license will once again be considered valid. It should be noted that the term indefinite suspension refers to an individual having to take a specific action in order to have the suspension lifted. Examples include paying back child support or traffic tickets.

What is a Revoked License in Maryland? 

In Maryland, if a driver accumulates 12 points on their license from running red lights, speeding, and other traffic infractions during the course of two years, they run the risk of having their license revoked. License revocation is meant to be a more serious penalty than simply having your license suspended. Having your license revoked can cause significantly more problems for you. Your license is considered to be canceled.

If your license has been revoked, you will be required to apply for a new license aftera specified amount of time has passed. The amount of time that you will have to wait depends on how many revocations you have incurred.

  • One Revocation: 6-month waiting period
  • Two Revocations: 12-month waiting period
  • ThreeRevocations: 18-month waiting period
  • Four or more Revocations:-24 month waiting period

How Can I Get My License Back After it Has Been Revoked? 

It is possible to have your driving privileges restored after license revocation, but it can be a rather long and drawn-out process. First, you must meet all of the conditions necessary to have your license reinstated in order to qualify. Once this is complete, you will need to make contact with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Driver Wellness and Safety Division (DW&S) to make a formal request to have your license reinstated.

The MVA will then review your driving record to make sure that you do not have other violations that may render you ineligible. Depending on what they find, you will either receive a denial letter or an application form to obtain a new license. The last step would then be to return the completed form to the DW&S with the required payment if you were found to be eligible to re-apply.

Our law firm understands that your driving privileges may mean the difference between you working or not being able to support your family. If you would like to know what you can do to have a suspended license reinstated or need help with the process of getting a new license after a revocation, please contact us by calling (410) 484-0400. You can schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys, who can help you determine what your next step should be.