Camera speeding tickets, also known by the technical name Photo Enforced Tickets, are issued to drivers when their vehicle passes a fixed camera location at a speed of at least 12 miles over the posted speed limit. A photograph of the car is taken, along with a photo of the license plate. After the registered owner is determined, a copy of the speeding violation listing the speed that was being traveled along with a copy of the photographs will be mailed to the owner.

The cameras are located throughout the State of Maryland, with special attention being paid to high-traffic areas and areas that are considered to be high risk in terms of speeding or danger to pedestrians. The cameras are also frequently located in school zones.

What Are my Legal Options in Regard to the Speeding Ticket? 

A speeding ticket is considered to be a payable ticket, and if the person who received the ticket is found guilty of the violation, they do not receive jail time. In Maryland, drivers have three options available to them in regard to a speeding citation.

  • Pay the Fine: The fine for camera speeding tickets in Maryland is $40. Paying the money allows you to resolve the ticket. You should understand, however, that paying the fine is considered to be an admission of guilt. If you pay a camera speeding ticket, you do not receive points on your license. Nonetheless, it can still be noted on your driving record.
  • Pleading Guilty With an Explanation: This is when you request a waiver hearing in front of a judge. This is usually done with the hopes of the judge reducing the fine that you have been ordered to pay. Even if the judge rules that you may pay a lower fine, you are still considered guilty of the speeding offense.
  • Requesting a Trial: By requesting a trial, you are pleading not guilty to the speeding offense. During the trial, it will be the state’s job to prove your guilt. An experienced traffic lawyer can present evidence that disproves the state’s case.

Why Should I Contest a Camera Speeding Ticket In Maryland? 

Ideally, the photo-enforced tickets are supposed to capture images of the correct vehicle going the legally required 12 miles over the speed limit. However, oftentimes there are many problems with the camera itself that may make the results unreliable. There are several reasons that you should contest a photo-enforced ticket, which include the following:

  • There could have been a technical error with the camera.
  • The camera may have photographed your car and labeled it as speeding when it was actually another car that was speeding.
  • Speed limit signs were not present or visible, causing you to not beware of the actual posted speed.
  • You did not receive your citation in a timely manner as prescribed by law.

It is important to remember that paying the fine or pleading guilty with an explanation are both considered to be an admission of guilt.

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